Heart, Brains & Nerve, a company founded in 2010 by Nathan Skillicorn, represents unique and innovative global talent for the commercial advertising and entertainment industries.

A valuable and well loved extension of the New York based Free Agents representation team--Nathan provides focused, local promotion and sales in the Midwest, for their premiere roster of design-loving animation, artful live action and creative digital talent. These noteworthy companies include Buck, Nexus, Passion, Elastic, Hornet, Aspekt, Gentleman Scholar, Strange Beast, GenPop and Nexus Interactive Arts.

In addition Heart, Brains & Nerve has curated an impressive independent roster to whom he is equally dedicated including: 

Believe; a world-renowned production company specializing in strong visual storytelling, Schrom; a NY-based premiere tabletop company, Vitamin; specializing in design & animation, Dapper; a boutique production company focused on comedic content, and most recently Seed; a live action company with a diverse collection of talented storytellers. 

Skillicorn is a proven resource within the industry and works tirelessly to secure the highest level of opportunity for his clients. He is both well liked and respected, as evidenced by his impressive track record to date.

Skillicorn's goal is to remain dedicated to greater accountability and intimacy with the companies he represents and with the advertising clients he serves. He strives to maintain a highly curated, boutique representation model in order to be closely connected and committed to the artists and companies he represents.

His company name sums up what he knows is necessary in today's market -

                                                                                                             Heart, Brains & Nerve.